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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Songlines - Top of the World 82 Compilation

As always a quality compilation of the best out there in the World of world music. The highlights are as follows;

La Bottine Souriante – ‘Mon Pere’
Quirky French action which sounds a little like the weird offspring of the Flying Pickets and Camille. No really.

The Other Europeans – ‘Lauter Clarinet Suite #1’
Great clarinet tooting in a gypsy folk style.

Martyn Bennett – Swallowtail
I’m starting to really love the work of the late Martyn Bennett. This is a funky little Celtic jig ideal for all occasions.

Spiro – ‘Yellow Noise’
String based instrumental that sounds like the soundtrack to a gritty film, ideal for mowing the lawn to.

Emily Portman – ‘Stick Stock’
Selected by guest picker and ancient comedian Mike Harding. Hopefully she’s not Natalie’s sister but one of the strongest tracks on the CD. Love the way she pronounces every word, but especially ‘stone’ and possibly recorded in fairy tale land.

A great selection as usual and on this showing Mike Harding is a way better DJ that Diggers and Sasha put together. 6 Music sign him up now!

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