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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Caitlin Rose – The Stand In

The much anticipated Caitlin Rose album has lasted a good couple of months on the car stereo and it’s no surprise that it’s another impressive batch of alt-country ditties. It’s something of a slow burner and takes a few listens, but once you’re familiar with the songs, it worms its way into your subconscious like a naked mole rat in a meandering competition. Sadly, it never reaches the dizzying heights of Caitlin’s three mega tracks (Sinful Wishing Well, Piledriver Waltz and Own Side) however the fact that it comes close is testament to its quality and consistency.

Following Caitlin on Twitter has been slightly underwhelming. She comes over as brattish, cocky and annoying. Maybe that’s harsh, but perhaps more pop stars should shed the nice guy images and just be themselves. There’s at least two cocky, annoying brats in my own family and I quite like both of them, and they can’t sing half as well as Caitlin. I’m sure she’s lovely in real life though.

The first half is much stronger with ‘No one to call’, ‘I was Cruel’ and ‘Pink Champagne’ all belted out with characteristic gusto. The wavering beauty of the Larry the Lamb vibrato is sadly missing, but Caitlin pulls things round with the stunning, sing-a-long anthem ‘Waitin’. Only time will tell if she can go one better than second place in the festive fifty this year.

And as with all Country and Western reviews we come to the obligatory cowboy references. So fire up the Barbie, put some baked beans on to cook, pull on your favourite pair of jeans (if you own any, if not regular trousers will have to suffice, or perhaps a pair of chaps?), tie up your horse, take off your sixshooters (a water pistol will do), and tip your ten gallon hat. Then sit back, relax and enjoy ‘The Stand In’. A big howdy to all our cowboy readers! Ye-haaaah good buddies!!!!!

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