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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sarah Blackwood – My Mistake Baby Boy

Pick of the Week 42 – Sarah Blackwood

Definitely not from Denton County, Texas is Sarah Blackwood, the one time singer with Dubstar, who hails from Halifax, West Yorkshire. Halifax has the grottiest swimming pool complex in Western Europe, but possibly the largest capacity viewing area. It's also difficult to navigate in the town centre and the only people to ask for directions are prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers. However the leisure centre does a natty minestrone soup if you’re interested and I’m sure Sarah Blackwood has frequented this establishment and partaken in this premium Italian pasta based beverage. I am not aware of her other work, but this is a slow burning, acoustic folk masterpiece and I’ll definitely be checking out her back catalogue. I love the little growl in her voice that bursts out occasionally and I’m sure Halifax is suitably proud of her.

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