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Monday, 20 January 2014

Doccortex’s Festive 50 2013 (20-11)

20. Those Dancing Days – Reaching Forward

Swedish indie elves finally fulfil their potential, then split up.

19. Varttina - Seelinnikoi

 Japanese sounding Finnish folk frolics from world music veterans.

18. The Shins – It’s Only Life

James Mercer returns to his comfort zone with the best track from the under-rated ‘Port of Morrow’

17. Emmy the Great – Almost had a Baby

Folksy meets alt-country in this slice of quirky quality from Emma-Lee Moss.

16. Rise Against – Behind Closed Doors

 Pumping agit pot from Chicago’s finest and Leeds Festival discoveries.

15. Caroline Herring – Fireflies

 A piece of deep south Americana from Canton, Mississippi via Austin, Texas.

14. Ladytron – High Rise

High quality, no nonsense indie from Liverpool’s new wave synth merchants.

13. Shrag – Show us your Canines

 Perfect sing-a-long indie from Helen King and the gang.

12. Pocketbooks – I’m not going out

Even more perfect sing-a-long indie from the worst wrestlers in popular music.

11. Members of Mayday – Sonic Empire

Techno bleep fest from 90’s rave pioneers. Only submarine noises could improve this.

1 comment:

  1. Here we go again with what I think of this merry bunch:

    20. Those Dancing Days - Standard issue indie stuff but enjoyable nonetheless - 6/10
    19. Varttina - Really like this, sounds like anime - 8/10
    18. The Shins - Terrible. his earlier collaboration was way better. And how come he's suddenly developed a posh speech impediment in this one ("natural desire", "for hours") - 1/10
    17. Emmy the Great - Sounds like Grease - 1/10
    16. Rise Against - Sounds like Blink 182, but slightly better - 3/10
    15. Caroline Herring - Not bad, I suppose - 5/10
    14. Ladytron - Okay slice of shoegazing - 6/10
    13. Shrag - Quite like this - 6/10
    12. Pocketbooks - Quality campness - 7/10
    11. Members of Mayday - Good video, okay song - 6/10

    So, things began to pick up by the end for another impressive 6 likes. I'll warn you now, the top ten doesn't fare as well.