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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Doccortex’s Festive 50 2013 (10-1)

10. Bright Eyes – Four Winds

Conor returns to the top ten with this chunk of fiddle infused folk music.

9. The Geraldine Fibbers – Fancy

All the best songs tell a story. The pick of the bunch from the Rough Trade Country compilation.

8. First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

 The excellent title track from the woodsy harmonic duo's latest album.

7. Sons and Daughters – House in My Head

 A fine return to form from Scottish indie heroes.

6. Okkervil River – The Velocity of Saul

Beautiful lyrics and anthemic chorus meet in this offering from the criminally under-rated Austin, Texas folksters.

5. Allo Darlin’ – Some People Say

Great album and a great song from the lovely Elizabeth Morris. I wish that some things would stay the same too.

4. Pantha du Prince – Photon

Twelve minutes of magic that turned bell ringing into something cool and wonderful.

3. Veronica Falls – My heart beats

Almost a number one from the indie combo that celebrate the joy of life everytime they pick up their instruments.

2. Kacey Musgrave – Merry Go ‘Round

From the album of the year comes this piece of pure country perfection. One of the finds of the year.

1. Intersys – If U Could Be

Stealing the crown from the Mushrooms, Israeli duo Intersys produce a psy-trance classic that could make you almost enjoy running. Well make it more bearable anyway.

1 comment:

  1. It's about time I commented on the final ten of last year's Festive 50. After much listen time these are my ratings:
    10. Bright Eyes - Not a big Bright Eyes fan but this is okay I suppose - 4/10
    9. The Geraldine Fibbers - Would have been my number 2 out of this selection. The woo woos at the end let it down a tad in a Brit pop style but still, it's pretty great - 8/10
    8. First Aid Kit - Again not too bad, this grew on me to give it a rating of - 6/10
    7. Sons and Daughters - I've liked the Sons and Daughters entries from past Festive 50s but this one didn't click with me - 5/10
    6. Okkervil River - not for me this kind of thing - 3/10
    5. Allo Darlin' - Hate this with a passion. Basically due to the fact that I hate the overuse of the words 'amazing' and 'awesome' for things that barely scratch the surface of average. I can't even bear to listen to it - 1/10
    4. Prince of Panthers - Great first seven minutes and then it goes nowhere. The last five minutes drags it down. But bell ringing has gone up in my estimations - 6/10
    3. Veronica Falls - Quite acceptable in a Lush kind of way - 6/10
    2. Kacey Musgrave - For once I feel quite sorry for Caitlin Rose not being number 2. I thought her entry was loads better than this - 4/10
    1. Intersys - The number 1 is spot on. I prefer the bits without singing but nevertheless it's still great. Like you say, way better than the Infecteds this year - 9/10

    So for the top ten that's five likes. More than I thought there would be on first listening.