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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The greatest ‘First Day of My Life’ covers

After the success of the 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' covers chart we thought we’d undertake a similar research project into the copious amounts of cover versions of Bright Eyes’ camp-acoustic classic. The standard is high and the competition fierce, so who has produced the best DIY cover version of Connor’s premier masterpiece?

15. DeluxnDotCom

He’s wholesome, he’s got a lovely tank top and he’s just sneaked in at number fifteen above the other hundreds of hopefuls. Great personality, passion and delivery.

14. Melanyrachel

An interesting twist to record in the bathroom, but it gives this version an originality and quirkiness missing on so many of the other cover versions we’ve endured. A lovely voice and great enthusiasm rocketed this up the chart to number 14.

13. Orla Gartland

Great ironic facial expressions and quirky deliver made this a big favourite with several judges. Fantastic uke action and she’s really made the song her own. And she's one of the ginger nation too. We’ve possibly been a little harsh putting her at number 13, but unlucky for Orla.

12. Hayley Barnes

Quality vocal style and unique delivery made this a huge success with the panel. A life affirming take on the Bright Eyes template.

11. Vanessa Ramstack

A perfectly balanced package of voice, personality and musicality elevated this version to the brink of the top ten. Caused much debate as to whether it was recorded on a canal boat.

10. Michael Stec

Aggressive, upbeat and sung with a bit of a swagger. We loved the bold guitar style and sense of gusto on this version.

9. Alison Weiss

She may be a little raspy, but this is still a cracking version performed with a passion and sincerity so often missing from the hundreds that didn’t make the top fifteen. She has an album on i-tunes – does this mean she’s a proper pop star?

8. Chelsie Tyrell

It always pays to be a little different and the piano certainly made this version stand out. A big voice from such a young singer and delivered with real emotion.

7. Make Rad Music (Sarah and Vans)

An engaging homemade quality and youthful exuberance made this an instant hit with the judges. The contrast between their voices is a lovely touch and made this version unique and memorable.

6. TrustJess

The only singer to feature in the ‘Into the Aeroplane’ chart as well as this one! Trustjess is back with the trademark professionalism and the syrupy voice that lends itself so well to the folky genre. We liked it a lot.

5. James Murray

Technically one of the best and a contender for number one, but a lack of support from a single judge cost James dearly. Lovely lilting voice and laidback delivery.

4. John Pan

The voice is so unexpected. It’s bold, strong and basey and tinged with a touch of country and western. Another contender that just fell short of greatness.

3. Trumpets

Homesy, fun and laid back. We loved the combination of voices and the child playing in the background is a lovely touch. Maybe more songs need to be recorded on settees. The final note at the end is a work of genius! Easily the cutest version.

2. Mathieu Nouvelle Star

A technical master class combined with subtle, mellow vocals meant that this version nearly went all the way to number one. One of the few that was almost as good as the original.

1. Ben Owen

A triumph for personality and quirkiness over technical ability, but what a version! Classic Uke playing and a voice that combines the natural emotion and passion that resides in the North of England. Congratulations Ben – a fantastic piece of work!

So that wraps up hours and hours of trudging through rubbish versions of the song to find fifteen gems. If any of the musicians in the chart fancy doing an interview and linking to some of their other work then leave a comment and we’d love to feature you!

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