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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Doccortex’s Festive 50 2013 (40-31)

40. Horrorpops – Julia

Double base plucking psychobilly action from Danish rockers with their own go-go dancers.

39. Rilo Kiley – Love and War

 Jenny Lewis serves up the usual indie behemoth from the album ‘More Adventurous’.

38. Terry Lyn – Kingston Logic

 Booty shaking dance floor filler from Jamaican diva. Loved it!

37. Infected Mushroom – Never Mind

 Disappointing best track from uber-disappointing album ‘Army of Mushrooms’.

36. Esma Redzepova – Chaje Shukarjie

A touch of wailing class from the granite tonsilled Macedonian-Romani humanitarian multi-talented performer.

35. Erasure – Brother and Sister

No festive fifty would be complete with an appearance from Vince Clark, The best track from 1989’s ‘Wild!’.

34. Caitline Rose – Waitin’

 After two number two’s, Caitlin slumps to number 34 with the best track from the average album ‘The Stand-in’.

33. El Combo de les Galleros – Soledad

Shake your hips to this latin classic.

32. The Hornblower Brothers – Android with a Heart

Camp as you like indie from the much missed Hornblower Brothers.

31. Nabil Othmani – Teswa Tenere

The best track from the ‘Songs for Desert Refugees’ fundraising compilation.

1 comment:

  1. Here we go then with ratings for the next 10.

    40. Horrorpops - okay in an average sort of way - 5/10
    39. Rilo Kiley - more averageness - 5/10
    38. Terry Lyn - just edging into like territory, I like the bit where her voice deviates from the norm in a higher pitched manner - 6/10
    37. Infected Mushroom - I thought that you'd lost it putting this at number 37. It starts off brilliantly. Then as time went by, I knew exactly why it's at 37. It's rubbish. - 2/10
    36. Esma Redzepova - This grew on me but only to a - 5/10
    35. Erasure - Not very keen on this one at all. It doesn't sound that much like Andy Bell - 3/10
    34. Caitlin Rose - Out of the three Caitlin Rose tracks I've heard (from your Festive 50s) this is by far my favourite. Top sing-a-long action. - 6/10
    33. El Combo de les Galleros - again, it's okay - 5/10
    32. The Hornblower Brothers - I can barely listen to this - 0/10
    31. Nabil Othmani - Easily the best song from this ten - 7/10

    So if we count anything above average as a like that amounts to 3/10 likes.