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Monday, 24 November 2014

La Haine – Original Soundtrack

Proof if ever it were needed that soundtracks rarely work outside of the context of their film. La Haine is no different, with the music during the film one of the stars, but sadly the CD is sparsely populated, stylistically disjointed and padded out with music from ‘Metisse’; a film I’ve never seen. I can’t even remember most of these songs featuring and the most memorable and best track has been omitted.

The genres covered are old disco, a bit of reggae, some hip-hop and plenty of sub-standard funk. I seen to remember lots of decent French hip hop in the film, but there’s limited representation on the disk. The high points however, are as follows;

Bob Marley – Burnin’ and Lootin’
A great song that I heard for the first time in the film. A bit too catchy, but quality social conscience and inspiring lyrically.

The Gap Band – Outstanding
Quality old disco/soul track complete with vinyl crackle. Maybe I forgive them for ‘Oops Upside your Head’. (Having seen the picture of them I definitely do and also want to join the band!)

Is this actually them? I have my doubts looking at image on the track.

Sadly these guys look more likely. I'll let you decide.

Timide et Sans Complexe – Putain de Planete
Quality French hip-hop but from the Metisse soundtrack selection. Maybe I’ll give it a watch.

So a disappointing experience all round. Possibly better suited to hardcore funkmeisters than Into the Valley readers.

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