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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Rough Trade – Counter Culture 12

If 2009 was a vintage year for the Counter Culture series then 2012’s installment is headed straight for the bargain bins. Having said that the series always throws up some choice offerings and this year is no different, however the nuggets of goodness are decidedly thin on the ground. Here’s your edited highlights…

The Chromatics – Into the Black

Haunting semi-electronic cover of the Neil Young song. A little New Orderesque and a band I’ll definitely be checking out further.

Slugabed – New Worlds

Chilled funky electro from the genre of music that is ideal for ‘driving around London in the rain at night.’

Keaton Henson – 10am Gare du Nord

Quality camp acoustic ditty from an artist I’d never heard of, in the same vein as Elliott Smith. Apparently he’s an artist and a poet too…mmm, interesting.

Opossom – Girl

Against my better judgement I like this sixties inspired Beach Boys/Velvet Underground homage. Sounds a bit like Django Django.

Toy – Motoring

Old school indie; always a treat but hardly original.

Savages – Flying to Berlin

Like a cross between Joyce Mckinney Experience and Sons & Daughters. Possibly my favourite track on the compilation, well on some days anyway.

Honourable mentions to Francis Bebey (African Electronic Music 1975-1982 sounds like something I should be exploring), the excellent Allo Darlin’ (which I’d heard before) and maybe Metz for their shouty but dated ‘Wet Blanket.’

Now for Counter Culture 13 and then I’ve caught up with the times!

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  1. I love Into the Black by Chromatics, they really made it their own. Their album Kill for Love is good yet long-winded at 77 min. My favorites by them, besides the cover, are "Lady" & non-album track "Cherry".
    They also did a cover of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill which for me is inferior to the original