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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Doccortex's Festive Fifty 2014 (50-41)

It's that time of the year again when we publish our favourite fifty tracks of the year. Any genre, any era and just one entry per artist. So without further ado here's the first ten for this year...

50. Austra - The Villain

Lacklustre offering from a poor album (Feel it Break)

49. Banco de Gaia - Lamentations

Average atmospheric wailing from veteran dance music producers.

48. CocoRosie - End of Time

Odd quirky rap from the Casady sisters. I'm not that impressed.

47. Deadmau5 (sic) Dead Mouse - My Pet Coelacanth

Average electronic fun from people so cool the standard alphabet is not enough for them.

46. Allo Darlin' - Kiss your Lips

Elizabeth Morris adopts a strange accent for this twee outing from the eponymou5 album.

45. Queens of the Stone Age - I Sat by the Queen

Agreeable standard issue number from tired alternative rockers.

44. The Geraldine Fibbers - Toybox

The best of a bad bunch from the 'Butch' album.

43. Susheela Raman - Sharabi

Quality slice of eastern folk fusion from the British Indian songstress with big hair.

42. Fernhill - Folentein

Stark welsh tooting with a little bit of singing on the end. Lovely!

41. Bob Mould - The Silence Between Us

More of the trademark sound from the stalwart beardy popster.


1 comment:

  1. Here's my ratings of these lovely offerings then:
    50. Austra - not as bad as you make out, she definitely doesn't need to be Austra-cised - 3/10
    49. Banco de Gaia - I quite like this, it sounds like the end music from The Mist - 4/10
    48. CocoRosie - Again not too bad, the chorus lets it down though - 5/10
    47. Deadmau5 - I'd heard some of their stuff before and not been too impressed. This seems cynically designed to appeal to teenagers with it's really cool sweariness. Apart from that, and them fluffing the bit where it all kicks back in, it's not too bad - 5/10
    46. Allo Darling - Stupid accent - 2/10
    45. Queens of the Stone Age - Easily one of my favourites of the evening - 6/10
    44. The Geraldine Fibbers - I really liked last year's entry by these but this one left me cold - 3/10
    43. Susheela Raman - The constantly evolving chorus impressed me in this one - 7/10
    42. Fernhill - The slow tooting at the start is dull. The jaunting tooting in the middle for about ten seconds is great. The singing is then back to dullness again - 2/10
    41. Bobby Mouldy - This sounds more like his sugary Sugar offerings, but it's okay I suppose - 5/10

    So that makes a total of five likes. Not bad nipper.