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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Doccortex's Festive Fifty 2014 (40-31)

40. Suli Breaks -  I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

Excellent example of spoken word at its best.

39. Mesh - You want what's owed to you

The pick of the tracks from Automation Baby.

38. Bob Marley - Burnin' And Lootin

Great track on the La Haine soundtrack from the legend himself.

37. Gorgon City - Real

The standout track on the Subsoul compilation.

36. Keaton Henson - Flesh and Bone

Touching and passionate songwriting from the multi-talented tortured little soul.

35. Grendel - Neon City Lights

Quality pumping old school techno from the dutch super producer. Harsh Generation was also a fantastic LP.

34.  Karolina Cicha & Spolka - Bialystok Majn Hejm

Top quality Polish folk from Songlines 'Discover Poland' compilation.

33. Vic Godard & the Subway Sect The Water Was Bad

Fun new-ish material from the legendary Punk veterans.

32. Rokia Traoré - Ka Moun Kè

Beautiful vocals from the current queen of world music.

31. Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli - Black Hole

Pure and simple dance based singalong from my favourite female trance vocalist. Great video too.


1 comment:

  1. Time for the next batch:
    40. Suli Breaks - Didn't like this. He lost me completely when he went on about a generation who have learnt everything from Facebook and Twitter - 2/10
    39. Mesh - Not too bad this one in a kind of sing-a-longy type of way - 5/10
    38. Bob Marley - Reggae is one genre that I've never been able to get into, so this had no hope - 2/10
    37. Gorgon City - Smooth - 6/10
    36. Keaton Henson - Why is his voice so pathetic? He needs a good hiding - 1/10
    35. Grendel - Standard issue, but okay - 4/10
    34. Karolina Cicha & Spolka - One of my favourites of this set of ten, really like the harmonies - 6/10
    33. Vic Godard & the Subway Sect - Not keen on this, it sounds too Britpoppy for my liking - 2/10
    32. Rokia Traoré - Top sing-a-long tune - 6/10
    31. Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli - Again, fairly standard issue stuff - 4/10

    That makes an overall score of four likes. Not bad considering this isn't one of favourite sets of songs.