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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Agnes Obel - Philharmonics LP 2010

Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel provided us with a minimal and atmospheric treat when unleashing Philharmonics into the great wide world of music. The songs are often insular and sound like the soundtrack to some Scandinavian fairytale, but maintaining rich and heart-felt lyrics.

The whole thing hangs together around the beautiful, delicate piano backing and the haunting, lonely voice of Agnes herself. These are songs for a cold winter's evening, slurping a glass of akvavit and munching on some frikadeller. (Look it up food fans.)

All the tracks are of a high quality, but the melancholy 'Avenue', the enchanted 'Philharmonics' and the stark elegance of 'Riverside' are worthy of a special mention.

Agnes has produced an album of rare beauty and hopefully can retain control of her career and musical direction in future releases. You should go out and buy the LP immediately if you don't own it already!

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